West Wind Energy

Enter the West Wind Energy raffle
for a chance to win a new 25 kW wind turbine

Only $20 per raffle ticket

West Wind Energy is a leader in the wind energy industry. Generating power with one of the great plain’s greatest free assets: "The Wind". Learn more about West Wind Energy.

For questions or media click here or call 785-387-2626.

Raffle Rules:

No person under the age of 21 may purchase a raffle ticket or receive any prize.

The price of a raffle ticket is $20. There is no limit to the number or raffle tickets a person may purchase.

A person does not need to be present at the raffle drawing to be eligible for the prize drawing.

All payments must be made online via credit card or paypal

The winner of the wind turbine must accept delivery within 90 days of written notification or prize is forfeited. The winner will be notified by telephone or email.

License and all fees, and any additional expenses are the responsibility of the winner.

Ticket sales will continue until 15,000 tickets have been sold.

Winning ticket cannot be assigned, transferred or sold.

Board members of West Wind Energy and paid staff, and their families may not participate in the raffle.

Results of the drawing will be certified.

The winner will be selected from the container in which the purchased ticket stubs for the prize shall be mixed and drawn.

Each ticket will have an equal chance of being drawn

This offer is void where prohibited by law

Results will be posted on WWE website www.westwindenergy.net

The turbine is built by NREL Standards

The entire net proceeds of this raffle shall be devoted exclusively to the lawful purposes of West Wind Energy.